In the modern dentistry world, treatment of all on four in Melbourne has come a long way. The all on 4 dental implants is designed to replace missing or damaged teeth altogether. Prior to the invention of all on 4 dental implants, patient would have to either opt for dentures or get bridgework done.

But with the advancements in modern dentistry, people who want to get single tooth replaced can opt for these implants treatment. These implants have similar appearance to that of natural ones is permanent. If necessary with the help of these implants, multiple teeth can be replaced, if necessary.

All on four in Melbourne requires a titanium screw or cylinder to be implanted into the bone structure in order to support the artificial tooth. It is very important to allow some time to pass so that titanium will integrate with the surrounding bone in order to make it more stable.

Following are some of the important points about all on four in Melbourne:-

·         The treatment requires very short time for recovery.

·         The implants treatment does not require bone grafting. Moreover, it reduces the cost of oral rehabilitation and saves much time and lot of pain.

·         After undergoing this treatment, patient can eat all types of foods.

·         The treatment stabilizes the underlying jaw bone and helps to prevent atrophy.

To dig into more information about all on 4 in Australia and all on four treatment process, you can surf websites and online portals on the Internet.


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