Be assured that you and your family members have visited the Melbourne-based Dr Alex Fibishenko for a regular dental checkup and treatment. The centre provides not only family dental care but at the same time, you can get a standard checkup and preventive dentistry.

Hard to find elsewhere as the centre has a team of experts who have both the knowledge and expertise to deal with issues related to oral hygiene and dental health involving family dental care problems.

In case you are patient, you can walk into Dr Alex Fibishenko centre to solve different problems related to single tooth replacement or for full set of teeth replacement. Tooth replacement is performed by way of replacing permanent dental implants. Here a minute titanium fixture serves as a replacement for any natural tooth.

If multiple teeth are missing, doctors at Alex Fibishenko replace segmental teeth in the form of an implant bridge. In fact, the implant bridge is a blessing in disguise for those patients who experience pain and serves the purpose of full set teeth replacement.

Alex Fibishenko dentists have the knowledge and possess the kind of expertise to handle every situation. They adopt the use of technological methods. Besides, they can bring smiles on patients’ faces by delivering the best dental care services.

One keeps up to date with the latest dentistry advancements so as to provide relief to the patients and thus enabling them to lead a healthy life. One can recommend for dental fillings depending as to where the cavity is. Much depends on you. Among the most common fillings include composite resin, resin, ceramic, silver amalgam, cast gold and ceramic.

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